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To say that my history with Fat Loss has been emotionally “shaky” is a gross understatement.  I’ve been frustrated more times than I can count by the slowness, stubbornness, and mental strain that I have placed on my ability (or inability, rather) to lose fat when I tried to the hardest.  Have you ever felt that way?!   

The problem is that Fat Loss is NOT the same thing as “weight loss” and even so, for both categories, the old adage that you simply lose weight or fat by the mathematical sequence of “Calories In < Calories Out”  is flat out WRONG.  

The achieve a change in our physique through muscle growth and/or fat loss, we have to focus on our METABOLISM.  

Our metabolism is COMPLEX to say the least!  Yes, the Big Man upstairs has done Himself some kind of wonder in creating this amazing system that is responsible for both the break-down (called CATABOLISM) of our food into calories (that are used for energy in the body) as well as the build-up (called ANABOLISM) of all cells, such as muscle cells.  It is a TRUE WONDER!  

Even with my degree in Biochemistry and Biology, I did not understand the wonder of our body’s biochemical pathways and metabolic processes until I really devoted myself to studying it….and of course, experimenting with it (read:  FAILING A LOT).  

Yes, I have achieved the FULL SPECTRUM of what a high speed and perfectly ineffecient Metabolism does (our metabolism actually needs to be inefficient to promote fat burn and keep our system “moving” and higher speeds) as well as what a low speed and completely manipulated metabolism does.  

Ironically, the time that I was at my LEANEST weight, when I trained for a a Bikini Competition, I was suffering from the WORST METABOLIC OPERATION that by Body had ever seen!  So we cannot always associate a “smaller body frame” with a HIGH Metabolism!  The opposite could be true!

Because I had WILL POWERED my way to see significant fat loss (losing over 10% in just 5 months) by EATING FAR TOO FEW CALORIES (especially carbohydrates that are out #1 quick energy source) and doing FAR TOO MUCH EXERCISE  I stunted my metabolism to incredibly slow and yes, even damaged, levels.  

Metabolic Effect calls this the EMEL method (Exercise More, Eat Less) which is a highway to metabolic damage and gaining ALL the weight back.  Which is exactly what I did!

Metabolic Effect
from metaboliceffect.com

My metabolic damage was made worse yet by the fact that I promptly proceeded to GAIN BACK almost ALL of the body fat I lost (gained back about 7%), which took my metabolic damage to a whole. notha.’ level!  

Yes, studies show that is is WORSE for your body to lose weight and gain it all back than it is to never lose it at all.  Yes, that’s right. 

Why? Because when we lose and gain, lose and gain (a la’ Yo-Yo dieting) your metabolism is slowed down.  You simply won’t be as fuel (in)efficient anymore and your body won’t burn as many calories as you used to.  

In fact, if you take two identical twins that are the same height and the same weight but ONE of the women had gained weight last year and had to ‘diet down’ to lose the weight again, HER METABOLISM will be slower than the other sister’s.  Any time we gain and lose weight, we slow down our system. Frustrating RIGHT?!   (By the way this is one of those questions on my list to ask God in Heaven, “What’s up with THAT?!”)

This is what I call, “Biting you in the Booty!”  It’s both figurative reference and for me, quite  literal because let’s just say, my BIG BOOTY has come right back to where it started from, and appears to be here to stay (to my husband’s delight, of course ;-)).

So, needless to say, now that I am 2.5 years POST-SHOW, I have learned a TON about metabolism in an effort to keep my body revved up and roaring as much as possible!  This has helped me a TON understand MY BODY more of course, but it really helps me be a better Health Coach!  

It’s a hard discussion to have with clients,  because I know so many of us women want to see “results right away” but the truth is, you CAN’T speed up the process of Fat Loss to the point of it causing detriment to your Metabolism.  You need to WORK WITH YOUR METABOLISM, not against it.  

This means TAKING THE TIME to test your body and seeing what works.  It is a PROCESS and if you’re doing it right, it’s a slow process!  It’s hard, but if you consider the alternative, you would much rather have SUSTAINABLE FAT LOSS over quickly lost but quickly gained back fat loss?  Yeah, me too. 

My Top 3 Tips In Your Road to Fat Loss!

  1. Try the TOGGLE programs that Metabolic Effect Prescribes for a roaring metabolism– either Eat Less and Exercise Less OR Eat More and Exercise More.  Toggle back and forth between the two phases depending on your scheduling and life!
  2. My 10% Method!  Choose the “Minimum Effective Dose Method:”  The goal is the eat as much as you possibly can while still seeing Fat Loss!  You never want to take drastic cuts to your diet or make drastic leaps with your exercise.  Just kick things up or down a notch, by about 10% of so.  This is just enough to see if you see any results!  When you cut too much, you probably can’t maintain that too well.
  3. Don’t STRESS!  Adding more stress to yourself to do everything “perfectly” just increases the stress hormones which ultimately WORKS AGAINST you in Fat Loss.  So take this Fat Loss effort slow and just keep SURREND’hering your will to God’s will.  Your God power will get you through these challenges far greater than your will power!  Have Faith and Endure!

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