We are embarking on a deep journey through how to grow FRUITFUL HEALTH and FITNESS.  
Meaning, from the Galatians 5:22-23 that references the fruits of the Spirit, we want to GROW these character values in the context of our health. 
We desire to grow more Love in our health.  More joy in our fit lifestyle.  More peace in our body and with our eating.  More patience in our progress.  More kindness toward our faults and setbacks. More good intentions for our health, not superficial desires only.  More faithful hope we can cling to through change.  More gentleness to ease into habits we want to sustain.  More self-control and discipline to keep us progressing toward our goal!
As we intentionally plant these values into our health ecosystem, they will only naturally spill into all areas of our life too!  It will radically shift ALL AREAS of your life!
Here’s the catch— we all know how hard true CHANGE is right?  If growing these things were literally as easy as planting seeds in some soil outside, then we would all be healthy, happy and more Spiritual beings.  But the type of planting we are doing is a different kind of hard labor.  It’s not as much “physical” as it is “Spiritual” and “Mental.”  
Changing the way we THINK is just about the hardest thing we could ever do because so much of our thought-life exists subconsciously and it exists in a form of “self-sabotage.”  
So, how do we plan to overcome THAT aspect in this process?  
Well,  one incredible Pastor, Robert Morris of Gateway Church, just so happened to do a series on what’s called the “Root Cause.”  It was on how you look DEEP ENOUGH to determine was was really to root cause of every single thing in your life.  You can listen to the first sermon of this series HERE.  
From those 3 teachings I was able to remind myself of 4 VITALLY important aspects that we must all cling to in order to grow any desirable fruit in our health and life.  

#1:  JESUS is the ROOT we are the BRANCHES.  

John 15:5 Jesus says, “Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches.  Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit.  For apart from me you can do nothing.”   
Another word for “VINE” is the ROOT.  And if you are trying to grow fruit on anything other than Jesus then it won’t work long term. 
For example:
—Growing fruit from the ROOT of public opinion will keep you chasing the fad diets.
--Growing fruit on the ROOT cause of disdain for your body will keep you doing things that HARM your body not LOVE it.  
--Growing fruit on the ROOT of obsessiveness and control will keep you spinning your wheels on power that is limited instead of relying on the unlimited power of God through Jesus. 

#2. You are attached to the vine (Jesus) by GRACE alone.


You did not do anything to EARN Jesus in your life and there is nothing you need to do to keep Him there.  It is a FREE GIFT that not one of us deserves, because we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God, so it is by GRACE THROUGH FAITH and NOT by Faith through Grace.  
Meaning, your "Good Deeds" are not what earn your attachment to Jesus.  Being a “good person” is not enough to get into Heaven either.  
Receiving Grace is actually FAR FAR simpler than we make it out to be. 
All you have to do to receive salvation is “confess with your mouth and believe in your heart and you will be saved.”  (Romans 10:9) That IS IT.  
I know that I know that I know that we as the “good Christian” girls and boys  think that must continue to EARN God’s free gifts of salvation, and we strive toward earning so much of the blessings that God has already freely given us.
That we can take the Love story that is the Bible and make it into a Rule-book so very easily.  We do see commandments and things in there, I know its easy for us all to start to think we somehow have to do a lot of things in order to receive that relationship with Christ but you DON’T.  You really don’t.
All you have to do is "confess with your mouth, and believe in your heart” and BOOM you are connected to that VINE that is Jesus. 
If you have never done that before, I encourage you to simply close your eyes where you are and confess in your mind that you know you need a Savior and believe in your heart that Jesus is that Savior who was sent on the earth to rescue you and you will receive His Holy Spirit within you.  You will be on your way to growing in Faith!  God bless you!!  

#3  All We Have to Do Is “Remain” Connected:

Now, this verse tells us to “remain” in Jesus and Jesus will “remain” in you.  Another translation says to “abide” in Jesus.  
All this really means is to STAY.  You don’t have to do anything but stay right where you are, connected to Jesus through the good times AND the bad times <——that’s the hard part.  
Most of us are good with staying with God when all things are going well, but we see just how quickly we can pull away from God when it starts to storm.   
Pastor Robert did an entire sermon on what he called “Bitter Roots.”  When we unknowingly hold out bitterness and resentment for God for the bad things that we have had to endure in our life, we produce BITTER tasting Fruit too.  Because the ROOT determines the FRUIT, right?!  
I have quoted Pastor Rick Warren as saying, “For every act of self-sabotage is a LIE that we are believing.” 
Well, Pastor Robert rightfully determined that the root cause of this resentment and bitterness toward God is often that we believe the lie that God is somehow holding out on us.  That He is purposefully making us suffer or that He caused a lot of our painful experiences in our life.  
It is very very important to realize that so often we believe a host of lies planted by the evil one with the very purpose of getting us to walk away from God so that we don’t harvest the Fruit that HE KNOWS we are about to grow.  The devil KNOWS just how powerful you are when you are connected to Jesus and when you are following in your purpose for life, including your health.  So he is actively engaging you and attacking you to believe things about your circumstances that are just not TRUE.  
God does NOT CAUSE all of the bad things to happen in our life, He gave us FREE WILL which in turn gave us the opportunity to sin and fall prey to the power that sin has over our lives and this world.  
"BUT, GOD works for the GOOD of those who love Him”(Romans 8:38)….so never lose hope that no matter what the devil will try to do to break you down and keep you there, God will NEVER NEVER NEVER give up on you and He will use it all for your GOOD.  It has already been DONE.  “It is finished.” (John 19:30 ) 

#4.  You BEAR the Fruit, but you don’t PRODUCE it.  

You are not able to produce LOVE, JOY, PEACE of any of the fruits on your own.  Many of us fall of the trap that we either have to LABOR to produce these things ourselves.  
The ROOT determines the FRUIT.  But as this verse describes, you are to BEAR the fruit, which means to “CARRY” it.  
The VINE of Jesus is what actually produces the fruit and we get the privilege of showing it off to the world.   
This is not to say that you don’t take any credit for your part.  I know a lot of Christians that think that “humility” means to put themselves down in order to raise Jesus up.  NOT TRUE!
You have a vitally important role that should not be overlooked—your CHOICE.  If you focus on strengthening your connection to the Vine of Jesus AND sticking it out when you experience the “PRUNING” of God’s work, you indeed have done Good work and will be rewarded for that in Heaven.  
Showing humility through this process is key.  Recognizing you didn’t CREATE anything on your own is certainly part of it.  But I love what Rick Warren has to say about humility, “Humility is not denying your strengths, it’s being honest about your weaknesses.”  
Producing LOVE is a weakness we all have….but HOLDING TIGHT to the Love of Jesus is a STRENGTH that you can surely develop.  
This is what we are setting out to do!   Starting next week, we are going to dive into how to grow and harvest LOVE in your health! 

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