I know I know, we just hit November and we all want to savor and enjoy the Holidays!  I’m with you, I promise!
But let’s be really honest here, when the holidays hit, we likely WON’T be thinking too much about our health goals, aside from the obligatory, “Ok, I’ll eat just one more Christmas Cookie and then will be GOOD come New Years!”  #AmIRight?
So, I’m writing this to you NOW so that you might pause and take a minute to go ahead and reflect on your health goals for 2016 NOW.  And who knows, maybe getting your optimistic juices flowing NOW might actually incentivize you to start implementing these new health habits through the holidays!  {Look at you being early to the party New Years party! }
I just wanted to be sure that you knew that NEXT YEAR IS YOUR YEAR!  I see it already in you!  It’s going to be your year to shine bright and do all these great things that you had never dreamed of before.  Your health is going to improve, your energy skyrocket and your fire for life ignite!  Yes, ma’am!
So, as you are getting your juices flowing in your brain to plan for those specific goals that you know will take you there, as your advocate and chief BELIEVER of YOU, I want to make sure you DON’T make some really small-minded mistakes in planning (or lack of planning) for your health that would prevent you from this amazing success in health in 2016.

So, let me tell you the TOP 5 WAYS TO FAIL AT YOUR HEALTH IN 2016 we can avoid any common traps.

Well, while we are not guaranteed to achieve every single goal we have ever set out to achieve before, we ARE guaranteed to FAIL at achieving 100% of the goals that we don’t set.
You might convince yourself that you don’t need goals to see results in your health, but I disagree.   A recent study conducted at Dominican University surveyed students for 4 week goals and found that just writing down your goals increased your chance of completing the goal by 55% and telling a friend about it with some accountability increased your chances of success by 65%!
So, how did it go last year for your resolution?  Did you make it past March?  Studies show that the average length of any New Years Resolution only lasts 5 weeks and 92% of people that make New Years Resolutions fail!
A Vision Board however is a tool you can use to literally visualize your success for the entire YEA, not to mention have a little creative fun. It’s a colorful example of dreaming big and setting your eyes on your dreams.  It propels you toward what you want in life, not just the habits you hope to get away from.
From personal experience, I can tell you that Vision Boards FAR outweigh the success of regular goals.
In 2013 I was single and renting an apartment in Denver, CO while working.    I had the audacity to put on my vision board the following visions:
—Become engaged.
—Start my own business.
—Own a home..
—Get in the best shape of my life
—Become more like my grandmother, Bobbie.
Within 9 months I had completed EVERY. SINGLE. DREAM. for that year.  It was truly a shock to me--a miracle!
Now, these might not be typical results.  In fact, every year since then has not even come close to these accomplishments.  But I believe in Miracles and I believe that God will help you achieve your wildest dreams just to grow your Faith and trust in Him!
We all know those things that we eat or do physically that aren’t the BEST for us.  It is always so tempting to just make a bit check list of all the things we vow to stop doing or cut back on.  Well, it DOESN’T WORK.
Bad habits don’t just go away.  You have to REPLACE them with the good behavior you desire and the focus on the GOOD, not the bad.
Whatever we think about GROWS.  So if you focus on what you DO want and what you WILL eat/drink/do, then you propel yourself toward those habits and the success you desire.
However,  if you only focus on what you DON’T want to eat/drink/do or the fear you have around cutting back on those guilty pleasures, then you can count on those behaviors to still own you and make the white-knuckling experience of trying to give them up pretty miserable and likely unsuccessful.
You will have to force your thoughts toward what you DO want it life. Your life becomes transformed by your thoughts alone!  Reason enough to give it a shot.
If you limit your health to ONLY focus on those things that are food and exercise related, you are literally missing half of the battle!  I get that this is what society will tell you you need to focus on for real change, but it’s simply not true.
To change ANYTHING about yourself you must seek health from the inside out.
The Four Areas of TRUE Health are:
Believe:  Believing is really more about KNOWING.  Not just knowing WHO you are, but knowing “WHO’S” you are.  Knowing God by receiving His love and  SURREND’hering your heart to Him is the path to your greatest life possible.
Once you KNOW God, you can BE who God created you to be.   This becomes the WHY for your Fit and Healthy Life.
Think: As you step into the promises of God, you will transform your life “by the renewing of your mind.”  You will learn to THINK new thoughts that are aligned with God and your Spirit within.  This is incredibly powerful and finally allows you to let go of the performance-based, possession-based or popularity-based version of worth  you’ve likely been living under.
By THINKING better, you will SEE your body and your health in new light and will seek greater understanding and wisdom for what God desires for your body.
Eat:  Now that you KNOW who you are and can SEE your health for its truth, you will have a greater understanding and desire to eat those foods that give you the most life.  You will let go of your addictions and idolatry of food and instead taste and see that the Lord is good.  Food will be enjoyed, but not worshipped. 
Move: As you are appropriately fueled by food, you will have the abundance of energy to move more and do more.  You will no longer settle for mediocre versions of your health, but seize the opportunity for abundant living.  Motivated to showcase to the world the light of life you feel from the inside out.
5.  You Try to Implement “EVERYTHING AT ONCE."
We humans love a polarized way of life. We think we have to be “All IN” or “All OUT.”  When it comes to "health" goals, we think we have to start with a blank slate and just build up ALL of the health goals we desire.
Trying to implement 10-12 new habits all at once is nearly impossible.  Even if you’re successful at a few, you wind up feeling defeated by those tough ones you couldn’t quite hack.  It makes you want to quit them all or settle for a mediocre version of success.
Your best bet is the put on the mindset of ENDURANCE, PATIENCE, and SELF CONTROL as you play the moderation card.  This means setting just 4 “BIG ROCK” goals at a time and stick to them for minimum 60-days for habit success before going for another one!  Think of just ONE thing you can do in each of the 4 categories that will have the biggest impact on your health.  
Then, after a year, you will have implemented 24 "BIG ROCK" changes and your life will be transformed!  This is the pace to go if you are racing to win!
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