I’d like to share a pretty sad story.  It’s about me and one of my closest friends over the last several years. 

We’d get together quite often through the years.   She’d join me at dinners on a regular basis, especially the dinners with my husband and some of my other closest friends.

I like her because she makes me feel relaxed and my stress just rolls off my shoulders when we’re together. Oh, and I always have such a good time when she’s there!   She made a strong presence at my wedding and most every big event I’ve ever had! 

She smells really good too, a different fragrance every time we meet! 

Oh, but really what I love the most about her is the way she tastes.


Oh, yes, I should mention that what I’m talking is my friend I call WINE.  😉

Yes, yes I admit I am a WINE-O with the best of them.  It started while waitressing at a nice steak house after college and getting to do wine tastings (for sales purposes, of course!)  But it developed from there and has become one the my favorite pastimes! 

In fact, my husband and I joke because it seems our entire relationship over the course of the 7-years of dating (on and off) prior to our wedding day was largely been built by our mutual love for wine.  In fact, he calls me “Lady Chardonnay”, because….well, I AM a lady….and well, there’s some pictorial evidence indicating that is, in fact, a good nickname for me.  


Drinking wine has been a large foundation of how we have built social engagements!  We go on regular trips to Napa Valley with good friends.  We have weekly dinners with even bigger Wine-Os who bring some of the real good stuff which has now made me into a “wine snob,” of course!


Not to mention the several company dinners for him that I will sometimes attend where wine is just a natural part of the deal.  It helps loosen up the corporate types and helps a business dinner go smoother. 

It’s not just with my husband either, it’s a LOT of my friendships too!

Every time my college girlfriends and I get together there usually involves brunch with mimosas or wine with dinner.  When I get together with my best friend in Denver, we sit and gab over a bottle of wine and cheese plate.  It’s just what we’ve always done!

Needless to say, between my love for it and the endless excuses to indulge in it (celebrating breathing, anyone?!)  I can easily find myself enjoying wine 2-3x per week, or more!

Well, the sad part is that I just can’t be that close with my friend WINE anymore.  In fact, as of today, March 16, 2015, I have actually only had 3.5 glasses of wine so far in 2015. 

Much like all friendships that have run their do course, things in my life just started pointing to the fact that this was a change I needed to make.  It didn’t ever really “hit me over the head”, but it was just gradual knowing that came to be that I’d like to share with you.

I was finally able to make this true lifestyle change for my health because I was finally able to see the benefit of this change in ALL 3 areas of my TRUE HEALTH:

1. MY BODY:   It’s not that I don’t like her, I do.  A lot.  But frankly she makes me feel bad.  Like, really, really bad. I’ve had some digestive issues pop-up over the course of the last couple of years (that were not triggered by wine, but were definitely exacerbated by wine).
2. MY MIND:  I came to realize that I had been using wine as a social crutch and I didn’t want that dependence anymore.
3. MY SOUL:  I’ve changed the alignment of what I want to do in this life and my Greater Purpose.

Over the course of this 5-part series, I’m going to break-down my break-up with wine! 

  • PART 1: Introduction to making a health change that affects your social life.
  • PART 2: (Tuesday): Stage 1 to changing– my BODY reasons for stepping back.
  • PART 3:  (Wednesday):  Stage 2 to changing– my MIND reasons for stepping back.
  • PART 4: (Thursday):  Stage 3 to changing– my SPIRITUAL  reasons for stepping back. 
  • PART 5:(Friday):  We’ll discuss how to adjust your relationships and expectations after making a health change for you, so you don’t feel “Pushed” into doing things you don’t want to do!

 Making a Health Change that Affects You Socially:

 I want to make it clear that my break-up with WINE was not about me thinking wine was a “bad” thing.  I don’t believe that at all actually.    So if you’re mentally picturing of me up on some soap box preaching about about the religion of “sober life”, you’re in for some disappointment.

But I AM going to be telling my story of truth and you might very much relate to some of the realizations I came to, but it may not be about wine or alcohol at all!

You see, what WINE was to me might be what “Behavior X” might be to you.

Your “Behavior X” might be things like:

  • sugar
  • soda
  • fast food
  • drugs
  • alcohol
  • meat
  • other animal products
  • comfort foods
  • processed foods
  • all-you-can-eat-buffets
  • caffeine
  • energy drinks
  • health/weight loss supplements
  • your family’s culture foods
  • etc.

You see, any one of the above listed is a change that’s tough to make.

Each one of these behaviors is likely something you have engaged in with others and it has become a social or family routine.

Not to mention,  all of the above listed have actual chemical properties that are addictive as well (sugar, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, energy drinks, food, supplements)!

Because of this, many of the above behaviors are likely pretty tightly wound into your lifestyle.  As I explained above, drinking wine was truly a part of my identity and apart of my relationships!  Any one of the above behaviors, or more, can be equally the same for you.  It’s tough, I get it!

It is my hope by reading my story you’ll start to see that change has it’s own course, but change is ALWAYS POSSIBLE!!

Some changes you can do on a whim and somehow it sticks!

But most, especially these behaviors that really infiltrate our whole lives,  might need some tactical steps and guidance  to get to the “gut” of the real reason for change.  For me it started with some body symptoms that prompted me to dive deeper into the culprit.    For you, it might be the mental or spiritual reasons that hit you first.

The big picture is that just because YOU decide to change, does NOT mean all your friends, family and society will be right there with ya!  The real hope is to be able to make this change FOR YOU and have it not let it affect your relationships!    It can be tricky, and personalities will matter, but there is HOPE!

I HAVE found the way that I have been successful in this endeavor (so far, of course) and I can tell you it was not because of any one else.  It started with me……. and it ends with me!

Join in the journey and I “wine” a little.  😉

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  • This is so true! I was notorious to utilize wine for every splurge, occasion, and for what?! I realized how it was more the habit of the wine itself. The drinking of wine actually became toxic to me (and my stomach) because I was using it for no reason, there was no purpose. It had to stop. So, I cut it out completely for 21 days (Daniels Plan) along with other sugars, including protein bars, just pure food. After the 21 days, I made a deal with myself that I will have wine on occasions and if I desired it. Including, I don’t purchase any wine to keep in the house. If we do have guests, it gets dumped. I feel so much better both physically and mentally and I can wake up and be on my A-game 100%.

    Thank you for sharing this!

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