There is something taking place that I find the be the single biggest tragedy facing the majority of women today.

Let me paint the picture for you with my personal experience with it….

2013 would be the most radically transformative year of my life. Somehow, in January of that year while I was single, having just moved out of my parents home in Colorado after needing to save some money, working at a job I liked but not a job I loved, and did not have much savings or great spending habits to my name, I had to audacity to create my first ever vision board with some pretty lofty dreams.

For those perhaps unaware, a vision board is a visual dream and goal creator. You put pictures and words that represent your goals and vision for yourself that year.


In January of 2013, on this vision board I put:

  • A diamond engagement ring (remember, I was very single at the time)
  • A home to own, not rent.
  • A woman with strong and amazing body
  • A LLC for a start-up business of my own

Just 3 months later, I would start by own business. Just 6 months later, I would be at my strongest and leanest body ever for a bikini competition. Just 8 months later I would be engaged to the love of my life, a miracle that my ex-boyfriend would be proposing to me. And just 10 months later we would also be buying a dream home together in beautiful sunny San Diego, CA.

In just ONE YEAR, every HUGE and over-the-top blessing I could dream of was in my possession.

You think I would be elated right?! Well, I waaaaas….. but then I wasn’t.

Over the course of that year, as I was adapting to my new, whirlwind life, I experienced odd, overwhelming waves of emotion.

The second I would start to feel overjoyed and reflecting on all that was happening to me, I would feel a squeezing of my heart, a wave of panic, and my eyes would well up with tears.

I felt so unworthy of it all.

Isn’t it such a strange reaction, to get everything our hearts desire and KNOW that these gifts had to have come from God, but to not be able to enjoy them because these waves of unworthiness.

I would learn that these thoughts of unworthiness, were just the devils way of stealing away the joy from God. This is a tragedy to me. A tragedy that I now have heard from several other women as well—and I think it’s high time we stop falling for it!

In December of 2014, God would surprise me yet again. In a prayerful moment, I asked God to speak to my heart and tell me what He wants me to hear. God whispered to me that day,Worthy.”

Of all the words to hear, this one floored me. I knew it could not be my own voice, as this was not at all how I felt. This was God telling me that not only am I worthy to receive the abundance of blessings of that year, but I am worthy of so much MORE.

Therefore the year of 2015 I would make it the year of the word “Worthy.” I dedicated this entire year to meditating on that word, researching that word, understanding the feeling of unworthiness and how we, as women can make a stand against the devils plots to ruin our joy and steal our Faith.


What I have learned is that there are many areas of our WORTH that we do not yet embrace and instead try to establish our WORTH in things that really do not matter.

What I know for sure is that your worth is NOT in the number on the scale, NOT the number of “likes” you get on a selfie, NOT the $ in your bank account, NOT the number of calories you burned in a workout, and NOT the compliments you receive from your husband or significant other.

Your WORTH is not earned either— it is inherent. You are worthy because you are God’s precious creation. It was embedded in you as God knit you in your mothers womb. You are fearfully and wonderfully made! (Psalm 139:14)

Your only job in life is to grow into the woman God designed you to be, rooting yourself firmly in your inherent and beautiful worth that God so richly poured into you. Whether you are an escorte quebec, a powerful business woman, or a stay at home mom, you bring joy to this world and no matter who you are, that is something that should be celebrated!

Here is my list of the 5 Areas that Women Need to Own Their Worth in Christ Today:


You have so many choices in how you use your time and how you value your time. Time is precious and limited! Everyone knows that, but not everyone takes this reality seriously.

If you are a business owner, this may mean that you start to see that you are worthy of prosperity and need to charge appropriately for you services.

But even if your time is not spent “earning,” you must see every hour as your chance to either grow toward the woman that God designed you to be or grow away from it.

Stop wasting time doing unfruitful things. Seek ways to be wise with your time.

The energy you bring to this world, your LIGHT, is your gift and talents. You must own the great value that this has and use it to shine on others. So often however, we zap our energy with worrying, busyness, temporary circumstances, and fruitless labor.

The key to owning the worth of your energy is focusing your attention on others, not yourself. Ask yourself what you can do to brighten another’s day and in return you will feel the weight of your burdens lift and the energetic light within you shine brighter yet. It is a beautiful and mutual gift we give and receive.

You are worthy of receiving a compliment, a helping hand and favor from God. For some reason, women have a hard time truly receiving these things from the heart.

We brush off compliments; we deny a friend’s offer to help us out of some sort of guilt; and we set out to “earn” the blessings that God has already freely given us, thinking our “good deeds” are what earns God’s love.

In short, we trap ourselves believing the LIES that we for some reason don’t deserve these things.

To overcome these lies, you have to go straight at them. Question your thoughts and their source and correcting these lies with the TRUTH of God’s love.

One of the biggest lies we believe is that we are capable avoiding failure. God has not revealed the pathway ahead of you, but He will guide you to take the next best step. There will be several tests all along the way to see if you trust Him and remain Faithful to Him when things don’t go as planned.

Having a new perspective on your failures allows you to see how truly valuable they are! Failures help you course correct and you are WORTHY to be set in the right direction again.

The greatest way to test and see if you are doing what God designed for you, is giving it 100% and if you fail, just change direction and keep going. This is how you master any skill and how you master your life.

Fail Forward.
Fail Fast.
Fail Faithfully.

The other biggest lie that we believe is that perfection is attainable. We letperfect be the enemy of good,” which robs us of opportunities of joy. You will never be perfect because we live in a fallen, broken world.

You are WORHTY of flaws because these will be the very things that God uses to draw you close to Him and to give you a Greater Purpose in His Kingdom.

God made you with intentional flaws to keep you unique. God knew that there would be imperfections in your relationships and life circumstances too. These “gaps” between what you hope for and what actually happens in your life is the space that God fills.

We need these spaces in our life, these gaps of imperfection, so that we always have room and a deep desire to let God into those spaces. Only then, do we experience true power and abundant peace and joy. This is God’s grace, of which we are so worthy.


So today, I encourage you to take a moment to pause and reflect on these areas today. Look for any LIES you might be believing that try to convince you that you are not worthy of these areas and give these over to God to fight for you. Then, watch and see how a life awakened will bring worthy waves of joy, love, hope and peace. This is God’s desire for you.


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