I am gearing up to speak tomorrow morning at a gym in Denver, CO, Bodies By Perseverance about the importance of your Greater Purpose in Transforming your Health!

I wrote earlier this week about how knowing about your Greater Purpose will drastically impact all other steps necessary to transform your health, including: Finding Your Greater Balance, Goals, and your Go-To’s.

But, to run any race to win, you have to find YOUR lane. Obviously, we can’t keep switching lanes and expect to gain any real speed. So your Greater Purpose is going to be found with your genetics, your gifts, your talents, your character, your personality and your experiences all contributing significantly to defining exactly what that lane and race will be for YOU.

Each one of us is designed specifically for this calling and this destiny by God. We are inherently worthy of this destiny and it is not earned in the least. God has it all planned out before you and will gently lead you to your lane. It will always be your choice to follow Him there or not. That is the power of Free Will.

For me, God first showed me my lane when my natural passion and love for health turned into a part-time job about 4 years ago. I didn’t find it, it found me. As I had been establishing my walk with God a little tighter at this time and felt a tugging on my heart to expand on this. It was awesome how it just fell into place. It felt right.

The problem that happens sometimes we God guides us to OUR lane, is that we wind up looking at it like this.

It feels lonely almost and uncomfortable being asked to do something against the grain. My Faith waned and I chose to take initiative on myself and force some body changes so I could feel more worthy of being a Fitness Professional, I chose to do a bikini competition. . I pulled away from God and blatantly ignored His voice in my head telling me, “You don’t have to do this Mandi.” But I was scared and the Fear got the best of me.

But, as I have written several times now, what is so amazing and merciful about our God is that He took a mistake and a failure and me turning away from Him and decided to bless me any way.

But it’s just like God….

“And we know in all things, God works for the Good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:38)

I realized from this miracle how much God truly loves me and how much God really has it all planned out for me. All I needed to do was trust Him, allow Him to guide to me my lane again and this time, just FOCUS on what He tells me to do.

{There’s a HUGE lesson in our life to find our lane–> FOCUS.}

So I found myself now in a lane where I am a Wife, a Step Mom, a Daughter, a Friend and now, ….an ENTREPRENEUR?

As I was adjusting to a whirlwind change in life, I felt this inkling and calling to start my own business afresh. After one of my friends showed me an article about business people who had succeeded in their later years, I was so inspired to try and make a name for myself and my business.

employee engagement metrics to measure the different aspects of my environment. I think it’s a great idea and one that I will probably decide to incorporate once I’m up and running.

I have also been giving some serious thought to the marketing side of my business. For example, I already have an amazing email marketing campaign in mind. To succeed in the digital world, harnessing the power of the internet is fundamental, and using an email marketing campaign is an excellent way to tap into a captive audience so that my business can grow. In fact, I found some great pointers about email marketing on I even read a great article about some of the different types of email marketing software, including alternatives to MailChimp, so once my business is underway, I will definitely be taking all of this information on board.

Once I am in an ideal position, I will then start to think about looking for employees of my own to help get my company to where I want it to be. I’ve heard that the only way to achieve greatness is to think about giving out something similar to these job satisfaction survey questions at different times within the year, so I can get a better idea of how they are finding their work and whether any improvements that I implement could help them to feel more comfortable. It will be important that I do this, as a business is nothing without a hard-working set of employees who enjoy working for you and have the same goals. This will be a long way into the future though so at least I have time to think about this.

I also knew I wanted to WRITE and SPEAK on the radical transformation that I experienced in my True Health. A. Wright Fit was born.

As I was called to this lane again, now, as a “Online Health Professional,” and decided to write and speak about the role that God has played in my Health and how He can restore and transform everyone’s health and LIFE in the same way, I was faced with the very same feelings I had felt before when He showed me my lane.


I was afraid that I would be breaking “society’s rules” that you aren’t supposed to talk about Faith (or Politics.) I was afraid of offending or being offended. I was afraid that I wouldn’t find “success” if i set myself apart so far from the rest of the “Fitness Community.”

Again, these FEARS of being THIS came up again….

This is when I learned the power that comes from FOCUS.

These Fears are the way the devil will try to keep me DISTRACTED with all the other things I ‘should’ do, instead of just doing what fits with ME to do (again, MY genetics, MY talents, MY gifts, MY personality, MY heart, and MY experiences.) I had to choose to stay in my lane or start skipping around again.

The blessing this time around is that I have more Faith and more Trust in God. Because I have been blessed and unburdened by a host of LIES I had been believing for my entire life, I have been free, to “throw off everything that hinders (me) and the sin that so easily entangles. And…run with perseverance the race marked out for (me), fixing (my) eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of (my) faith.” (Hebrews 12:1,2)

I can feel the fear and choose love instead. I can choose to focus my thoughts on ACHIEVING SUCCESS (i.e. love) instead of AVOIDING FAILURE (i.e. fear).

I am at this place that I am today because God has allowed me to be here all along. God has chosen ME, I have not chosen Him. God has given me His calling for my life, I have not manufactured or forced my own version of success.

I’m not perfect at it at all. Not even SUCCESSFUL by society’s standards yet either. But I AM exactly where I am supposed to be. I have peace and love overflowing with this *knowing*. I simply seek Him and trust in Him and my path is made clear and work to master the crafts of my calling.

The more I FOCUS on my lane and simply work to master the skills that He has given me, the more I will advance my running and will run my race to WIN.

All we ever need to do in our life is allow Him to guide us to our lane, choose LOVE, and RUN with it. You will win every time. Whether in your Health, in your Career, in your Relationships— you must find your lane that supports each together. All of it is used for your Greater Purpose and you must FOCUS your eyes on Jesus to get there.

Just a reminder there are 2 days left to enroll in the STRONGher SQUAD! A 12-week Women’s VIRTUAL GROUP HEALTH COACHING program that will help you find your lane and establish your TRUE HEALTH. It is a structure program that gives you education and success tools to develop all areas of your health: BODY, MIND and SOUL so you can become STRONG’her, WISE’her and SURREND’hered to your lane! Please contact me at to sign up! Payment must be received by Sunday, August 30 and MIDNIGHT

Also, if you are in the Colorado Area, I am going to be at Bodies by Perseverance located on the 5ht FLOOR at 450 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80203.

You can join me and my Fit and Faithful partner Jennifer Samuel for a workout and the workshop (provided by me!) from 9am-11am. The workout is $25 and the presentation is FREE.

If you are not interested in the workout, the presentation will begin around 10am.

I will be auctioning of a FREE spot to anyone present to join the STRONG’her SQUAD! Contact me at 858-531-7456 if you are interested in attending!

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