As a trainer, nutrition enthusiast and “health professional” you get asked all the time about trends, food choices, exercises to do.  When I start to field these questions, I realize there is one common goal that many people wish they could have when it came to their health—> the “Magic Bullet” that would make it all easier.

I know they are wanting me to say some tips like, “Don’t eat past 7pm and THERE you’ll have your magic bullet!” OR “Do this particular exercise sequence that only takes 7-minutes and THERE, you’ll have your magic bullet!”  These tactics have all been mercilessly exploited.

Unless you are one of the thousands of authors that capitalize on this human “easy fix” desire and decide to write some “Diet” book that promises to “solve all their problems, get them 6-pack abs, and fix-up their husband and clean their house while they’re at it,”  MOST trainers and health professionals will say, “There is no such thing as the magic bullet!” mainly so they can reemphasize their own need, right?  We don’t want to lose OUR job to some “magic bullet” out there, we need to be needed!

Well, although I am NOT a “Diet” author hoping to capitalize on the naive hopes of people, I am also not afraid of telling all my clients ALL they will ever need to know in order to MOVE ON and no longer require my services.  I have the “Pay it forward” mindset, always relying on God to keep business good and wanting to serve in the health industry which usually means giving most of it away.  Convince you that you can do it on your own!  


Annnnnnnnnddddd, I’m gong to tell you exactly what it is!   Here!  For FREE!


The Magic Bullet for your Health is……

Your Greater Purpose.

This is your destiny, your calling and the reason why you were put on this Earth.

Because let me tell you, you are not only BORN TO RUN THE RACE of life, you are BORN TO WIN THE RACE and your health is both a product of and an integral tool in your ability to run this race to win!

You're Not Just Born to RUN

Your Greater Purpose in NOT what you do for a career or even a valuable role you play (as wife, mother, daughter etc). Your Greater Purpose is your ROLE in expanding the Kingdom of God and fulfilling God’s perfect plan.

It takes understanding your inherent worth, your DNA genetics and every gift, natural desire, ability, heart, passion, personality trait, and every single experience in your life ALL mold together to propel you down this raceway to not only learn to RUN but to LEARN TO WIN.

You WIN in life when you finally learn why you were put on this planet and you passionately pursue mastering this cause for God’s glory.


So, you might be asking yourself, Amanda, this is no “Magic Bullet” and what does this have to do with my HEALTH?

Ahhh but it is!  It IS magic because it takes such a monumental shift if your way of thinking that elevates your Spirit to its highest expression of YOUR.  It IS a bullet because it cuts to the heart of WHY you should get healthy, what your health is supposed to help you do in life.   That’s all I’m really after in my health coaching and teaching….helping you find your WHY for Health.    

Your “WHY” is as unique as your DNA because your GREATER PURPOSE can be achieved by NO ONE but you.  You can’t achieve greatly by trying to fulfill someone else’s shoes!    If you don’t find it and do it, no one else will.  There are things planned out for you that God specifically designed YOU to do, but it will always be reliant on your choice and willingness to do them.  It takes trust, hope, faith and above all LOVE to get your head wrapped around this and to say YES to God’s call.   It is a process.

Hey Who Has  Why

The reason why I know that this is THE MAGIC BULLET is because knowing you are designed for a Greater Purpose and knowing what your Greater Purpose IS significantly affects ALL the other areas of your health that truly matter.


  1. Greater Purpose- Pursuing Your Destiny for Life

  2. Great Balance- Body, Mind, Soul

  3. Goals -Strive to Win

  4. Go-To’s – Create Your Community

While I don’t have time to go over each of these 4 Steps TODAY, I can tell you the MAGIC BULLET of knowing your Greater Purpose in life DRASTICALLY affects ALL THE OTHER STEPS.

  • Understanding that you were specifically chosen for a role in this life and a destiny you are to fulfill dramatically affects your GREAT BALANCE  because you see such a need to get your Spirit aligned with God in order to know what steps to take to your destiny and you also see the need to keep your mindset aligned with God’s thoughts so you don’t fall prey to the devil’s schemes who of course, wants to convince you never to pursue your Greater Purpose and stay playing small in life.
  • Understanding your destiny calling will allow you to establish the (w)right GOALS in life to get you there.  If you don’t have your final destination in mind, your goals are going to take you off course and will distract you from learning what you need to learn.  Not every goal is designed for you to succeed either!  Some of the greatest tools God uses in our Greater Purpose pathway is to teach us through Failure. But knowing God will make your path straight and will use all for Good allows you to not fear failure, but to FAIL FORWARD, FAIL FAST and FAIL FAITHFULLY. 
  • Finally, understanding you are born for a gift to the world that only you can offer will allow you to seek and find your GO TO’s in life.  Surround yourself with your Tribe of People that “get it” and understand where you’re going in life.  They will be there to speak to your gifts and help push you forward with encouragement and love.  In the same light, knowing your Greater Purpose will help you BE THE CHANGE that lost people need to see too.  To build up God’s Kingdom and show His love and mercy.


So really, there is a HEALTH HIERARCHY that exists in order for you to transform your health and live your greatest life possible!  It works and I have several clients to prove it!

Screenshot 2015-08-26 08.41.24

If this resonates with you, I would be honored to help expand on what this means in YOUR LIFE and YOUR HEALTH.  The main curriculum objective in my 12-Week Health Coaching sequences both the 1:1 Health Coaching and the STRONG’her Squad, is to guide you to this MAGIC BULLET and help you renew your mind in accepting this, then your health will fall into sequence accordingly.    To learn more and to see when I’m leading my next SQUAD opening, check out the Health Coaching tab on my website HERE or contact me at!


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