Sure, she looks healthy and confident but the truth is, her mindset is weak rendering her whole health as weakened. What we see as physically “Healthy” can often times be the furthest thing from it.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…..”

I was elated and overjoyed that I had found my love again, my now husband, that came back into my life the day I had competed in my first Bikini Competition (pictured above).

But while I was happiest I had ever been in so many ways (getting engaged, moving to California, and traveling around the world), I was also the most miserable in so many ways because my mindset was suffering it’s weakest state ever.

Often times, we as women will pursue a healthy body so relentlessly that it causes a detriment to our psychology and how we see our body and life.  A weakened mind begets a weakened life.

Paralyzed though I felt by the shame that would come from gaining nearly all the weight back, I was not indeed paralyzedGod would give this experience purpose, even though I know competing was not part of my Greater Purpose.  But it was up to me to CHOOSE a stronger and healthier mind.   That is what I’ve done.

For anyone that feels as though you have suffered a health set-back or may be deeply discouraged in your health efforts, I encourage you to continue on your journey and choose to focus on becoming WISE’her to gain a stronger mindset for your health.

Realize like I did, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”  -Winston Churchill

Success is not Final

 One of the pillars of truth of  A. Wright Fit is this principle that I know to my core:

We simply cannot change our body’s health in any lasting or significant way until we have changed our MINDSET and how we think about our body and what we know to be true for us.  This is what I term becoming WISEher and comes from shifting your thinking to a stronger mindset that will allow true change to happen. 

Circular Image BODY MIND SOUL

So, I have taken the last 2-years of my life pursing a stronger MINDSET about my body and have made tremendous progress.  My pursuit will never cease as there is always more to learn and more ways I will grow into the woman God made me to be, but I have observed 6 Radical Mindset Shifts that help me to know I’m moving in the (W)right direction!  See how many you relate to!

6 Signs You Have a Healthy Mindset:

  1. You Believe the Skinny Mirror:

Whether in our gyms, a hotel, an elevator, or windows passing by, there are countless mirrors for us to observe our reflections.  Even in the same room, under similar lighting, and wearing the same outfit, two-mirrors can reflect two different body’s when you look in them.

You know you have achieved a healthy mindset when you believe the skinny mirror and let the “wider, puffier, more distorted” mirror kick rocks. 

When given the option, you will choose to believe the happier reflection in life rather than assume the more negative reflection is the “true” reflection.  The truth is, neither one can be proven to be the real thing, so why not choose to believe the one that lifts you up instead of brings you down?   

2. You stopped following, listening to or watching any person or show that is unworthy of your mind.

This is the “G.I.G.O.” principle.  Garbage In = Garbage Out. 

What you see and what you listen to will have a significant impact on what you think and therefore how you behave.

When you expose your eyes and ears to people that fill your mind with gossip, slander, envy, negativity, or pride, you are running the risk of letting that person change how you view the world and your purpose on this planet. 

You know you have achieved a healthy mindset when you relentlessly avoid and reject anyone that feeds negativity into your life.  When given the choice, you unfollow, block, turn off the TV, stop reading, or simply walk away from those things that do not serve you and your purpose. 

For those closer relationships that you do not necessarily have a choice of exposure, you still have found a way to “internally mute” what they are saying and hear their words through a wise filter, choosing to not truly “hear” them. 

3. You Refuse to Compare Your Life To Others:

When you stop to compare you life to another’s life you can only have one of two results:

  1. You will feel less valuable and discouraged by all that you don’t have… OR
  2. You will feel prideful about all that you do have and how much “better” you are.

Do not fool yourself into believing that by comparing your blessings to another’s misfortune is how you become grateful or more optimistic.   You feel gratitude by making the choice to internally change your viewpoint and to think grateful thoughts.  It is that simple.  

All things are a choice and a product of what you allow your thoughts to focus on.  If you allow your thoughts to continue to compare yourself to others, your resulting emotions will either be negative or prideful– a lose:lose choice for your soul.  

But when you choose to refocus your attention on who you really are—>your Greater Purpose—> and ALL that God has done and will continue to do you for, you have effectively guarded your mind from the destructive paths of self comparison. 

4. You Seek Quiet Times Daily:

You realize that your mind needs a break to fully recover and serve your life to its fullest potential, so you create the time and space to be able to do that. 

Taking 20+ minutes daily seeking God’s face, praying, meditating, or just breathing and being is an incredibly powerful gift.   This time can give you more than enough power and energy to function efficiently in ALL other things in life. 

You know you have achieved a healthy mindset when you keep this time as a top priority daily so you might better function and perform the other tasks and roles that matter in your day.   

You know that if there is ever a day that you are “too busy” to spend 20 minutes with God,  then you are too busy.  You will make changes in your schedule and learn to say “No” to other less important things so that you can say “YES” to this vital time alone with God.

5. You Are Grateful For the Struggle:

We all know that pain is a part of life and those who have a healthy mindset are able to see beyond the pain to the lesson they expect to learn. 

Even before you are through the suffering, you begin to have hope and gratitude for what you know will come.  You see the pain with gratitude because you know that the pain will develop your character the most.

There is no way of avoiding difficulty in life.  A healthy mindset focuses on pushing through the pain and seeks out the reward in wisdom.

6. You have stopped “Shoulding” All Over Yourself:

If you pay attention to the words that you think in your inner dialogue, you know you have a healthy mind when you hear less “should’s” and more “can’s”,  “will’s”, “do’s” and “am’s.” 

The word “should” reflects a “lacking” mindset or self-pressure and being spiritually ungrounded.

  • “I should have done that workout last night.”


  • “I shouldn’t have eaten that.”


  • “Oh, she’s doing a bikini competition, I should train for one too.”

When you find an abundance mindset you start to see your life for all that “can” do instead of what you “should” do, and all that you “are” instead of what think you “should” be. 

This comes from grounding yourself in God and becoming vigilant in self discovery so you know who are and all that you are capable.   

Diving into your beliefs allows you to rely more heavily on God’s power and will focus your attention back on Him dwelling within your soul.  This empowerment turns into becoming self aware and self loving.  Relying on God within you will help you “should” less and “be” more.   

If you have found that you are lacking in a healthy mindset when it comes to your pursuit for True Health, a reminder that this is one of the main components I pursue with all clients in 1:1 health coaching, which really sets me apart from your typical Health and Nutrition coach!

In my 12-weeks of SURREND’hered Health Transformation program, there is an entire 2-week module entitled “Mind Matters” that is devoted to challenging your mindset in the areas that often the hardest:  Patience, Comparing Ourselves to Others, Worry/Fear, Lack/Compulsiveness, Negativity.  You will get this along with education of all things health and fat loss related.  A reminder of all that is offered is found in the link HERE.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to new products and programs rolling out in the fall, I am only accepting 1:1 health coaching clients through August 15, 2015 and I will only take on a maximum of (10) clients at a time.  If you are interested in one of those few remaining slots, be sure you reach out to me before August to apply

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