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Last week, you may have seen on my Instagram Story that I had the amazing opportunity to tour the new National Museum of the African American History and Culture in our great capitol, Washington D.C.  If you get a chance to go, I HIGHLY suggest it! 

There are 6 giant floors to tour, to which I, my husband, his mother, aunt, sister, and two cousins all started with our docent guide down on the very bottom floor, which is where the African American culture all began—with slavery.  

It’s dark in our history, of course, and it’s terrible that this massive oppression and evil injustice caused such deep wounds that we still see in the fibers of our country to this very day.  

So, yes, all of these images I saw on this floor made me angry…but there was one image that literally STOPPED ME IN MY TRACKS and made me downright MAD because it not only triggered my humanity, it triggered the NUTRITIONIST in me!

Here’s the image I saw….

I don’t know if I forgot this fact from history courses or if it’s just heavy on my mind lately with the epidemics I’ve been facing with many of my clients suffering greatly from blood sugar issues, but ya’ll SUGAR SUCKS!!

You see, it was mainly because of the SUGAR PLANTATIONS that caused such a high demand for extra farm help that lead to paying money for human beings from Africa who not only suffered unbelievable atrocities on the boats over to America, but would suffer everyday of their God-given life, all because of the color of their skin.  

ANGRY. ^^^ 

But, even more,  as I am preparing my clients for our 30-day June Challenge which will include 10-days doing the Blood Sugar Solution 10-day Detox Diet, I am seeing some tremendous health struggles caused (or at least exacerbated) by this refined white substance.  

And while I don’t fall for the trap in thinking that sugar is what I’ve heard some call the “white devil,” I don’t doubt one bit that our enemy uses this stuff against us ALL THE TIME! 

Sugar is addictive! Some studies showing it is more addictive than crack cocaine.  There is a very good reason why the sugar cane farms were in such high demand so quickly!  And it’s been causing issues in our country ever since! 

Many of my current clients are dealing with REALLY SERIOUS health consequences that require TAKING A STAND against the food saboteurs--like sugar and anything that acts like sugar.  

Conditions like insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, type II diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid, metabolic syndrome, and more. 

So, I made the decision to go against my normal “single-step” approach to health to challenge my clients, and any of you who are up for a challenge, to do something far more aggressive to stand up to what sugar (and anything that acts like sugar in our blood stream) can do in your body.

The first 10-days of our 30-day Challenge we’ll be following the guidelines from Dr. Mark Hyman’s Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet where we will be eliminating sugar, dairy, alcohol, grains, gluten, legumes, caffeine, sugary fruits, starches, and essentially anything that acts like sugar in our bloodstream.  


BUT, to be abundantly clear, I am NOT saying that these foods are “bad” and I am NOT advocating necessarily eliminating them from your diet forever!  Ha! Never would I make such an irresponsible blanket statement (and you shouldn’t trust any health coach who only makes extreme blanket statements like this too!).  

Frankly, I don’t think food is “bad” OR “good.”  

Food is absolutely neutral, much like money, in that it can be used for GOOD or it can be used for HARM and unfortunately, our food system has failed us by allowing billion dollar companies to stock our grocery stores with fake-food items that are literally killing us and our children.  Adding sugar and sugar-like-substances to foods to make them more addictive so they can get more $! 

Now, I get it.  You might be finding yourself addicted to your coffee, favorite treats, or soda and the idea of giving them up for 10-days sounds like HELL to you.  

But, it’s exactly those fears that are a warning signal to you that something is not right in your relationship with food.  It’s Spiritual, no doubt about it!  And it might be worth stepping into a challenge to help you take your power back! 

Evidence suggests that taking 10 aggressive days of a sugar-free life when suffering from addictive traits or health consequences gives you a fighting chance to then make some better lifestyle habits included in my Nutrient Based Eating program. 


If you are interested in learning more about the Nutrient Based Eating program, you can begin by downloading my "Top 10 Nutrient Deficiencies" download for FREE (see below).  It will get you started in what you CAN eat instead of only worrying about what NOT to eat.  Then, send me an email if you want more information on how to purchase the NBE program!  

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