Boundaries for SURREND'hered Eating 

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We are just one month away from the official start of Autumn (Sept 22), but to me, Fall always starts when school starts right?!  

So if are like many of my close family and friends, who I saw plaster my Facebook feed and had some kiddos that started school this week or headed off to college, or if are just feeling some "fresh start" vibes from work, you might be feeling a bit more emotional lately, and it may be affecting your eating.    

Emotions surrounding our eating have come up a LOT so far in my 4-week RESET course as I have been coaching on my "Nutrient Based Eating" program this week.   I'm hearing a lot of words like "overwhelmed" and "guilty" about our eating or drinking habits, and I want to make sure that you too don't suffer too unnecessarily from the deeper stuff that our eating can conjure up.  

So, for our "fresh start" this Fall, and as we inevitably are all ready to get back into some healthy rituals, let me gift you TWO opportunities to connect at a deeper level with your eating

1.  First, in this blog, you'll find a "mini coaching" video (below) where I start ALL my clients as we dive into nutrition. It's a video training on "SURREND'hered Eating"  that I find IMPERATIVE to your ability to have a "big picture" idea of why our food is much more of a SPIRITUAL quest than a physical quest.  

Food is not ever just about food.  It's not just about WHAT you're eating, but WHY you're eating, that will help you find TRUE health.  This video training and the tools below will give you some greater spiritual strength training tips!

2. Second, I'd love to invite you to sign-Up for this FREE Webinar Training I'm doing on EMOTIONAL EATING next Wednesday, Aug 31 at 5pm PDT/ 8pm EST.  

Emotional Eating Webinar


In this training I will deliver you the PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, and SPIRITUAL aspects to your emotional eating and offer you some solutions to some of the unhealthy consequences to your emotional eating tendencies!  

It's a hot topic that will be a can't miss!  I hope you can join me!  You must be registered with this link to participate!  There will be a short window replay also available, but only to those who register.  

3 Main Parts To Understand

#1.  Our relationship with food is SPIRITUAL

If you really want to have food freedom, you will need to brave the Spiritual aspects of eating.  Being healthy will not just be about WHAT you eat, but WHY you eat.  

WHY you are eating directly impacts HOW you are eating as well, which also affects your nutrition and digestion.  

This is not a common approach among many in the health and fitness industry, but is the reason why I feel I'm called to do what I do. 

#2.  Your answer to your nutrition is not found in "RULES" but in your "RELATIONSHIP" with food and yourself.    

Often, the go-to response when we see that our eating habits are not aligned with what we desire is to start placing food "rules" on ourselves.  

We cut out sugar, we go Paleo, we follow some shake detox plan and search for the "rules" that will "fix" us.  

Rules by the very definition do not give us FREEDOM, but rather they enslave us.  This is why I don't give out meal plans to clients. 

What I help my clients get, through my programming, is clarity on what a healthy relationship with food can look for her.  It's an personal process. 

EXERCISE:  Think back to the meals you have eaten so far today or last night and assess the following:

-- Why did I eat when I ate?  
Was I hungry?  Was I bored?  Was it in front of me?  Was it the time that I always eat? 

--How would I characterize how I felt about the food as I ate and afterward?
Is it my coping mechanism?  Did I even pay attention to it at all? Did I eat with peace?  Did I eat with angst?  Did it make me feel guilty after?  

--Are My "Feelings" Around my Eating Valid and True?   Is it possible I have convinced myself that I need food to deal with my circumstances?  Or do I allow foods to make me feel guilty when they should not? 

#3.  What Does My Boundary Between "Caring" and "Obsessing" Look Like? 

"And do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it. 30 For the pagan world runs after all such things, and your Father knows that you need them."  Luke 12:29-30 NIV

They key to you being able to experience Spiritual FREEDOM in your nutrition is to find that BOUNDARY in your relationship with food that allows you to CARE about what you eat without WORRYING about what you eat.

EXERCISE: To give yourself an idea of what this might look like for you,  I want you to think about a GOOD FRIEND that you have-- someone you're close with.  

Think through your interaction, ease, and peace you have with this person.  Picture how you interact with him/her.

What are the things you do that show that you CARE about him or her?  Write them down.  

If you were to start to "worry" or "obsess" over this friend, what would THAT look like?  How would it affect your relationship?    

The key to your healthy relationship with FOOD is the same key to a healthy relationship with anyone.   You need to CARE but you can't take it TOO FAR.

Eating will ebb and flow in your life and you will mature and realize that some things you have been doing have been a little too controlling or obsessive.

If you realize right now that you are being a bit too obsessive or micromanaging with your eating, it might be time to practice scaling back and SEE if you can find a healthier balance.  

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