Pain on Purpose | A Way To Test Your "All"

“Sometimes you don’t know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.”

I remember posting these words on my Facebook page after another one of my many break-ups. I don’t remember which one exactly,  as I had a long history of dating some terrrrrible guys.  Not that it was always them, but us together, for sure.

Part of the consequences of believing the lie that my body and beauty were responsible for determining my self-worth and the subsequent feeling like I was never thin/fit/strong/beautiful enough to actually grow any self-worth, came with a side effect of choosing the wrong dudes to date.

So naturally, one of the best wake-up calls God had for me was any time I got my heart busted by some guy I was depending on to fulfill my value.   Eventually, I learned the lesson that no man can fulfill the God sized whole in your heart—only God can do that.

SO, I digress in this story only to say that I found out how strong I was emotionally, really, one heart-break at a time.  It was painful but I don’t regret any part of it.  It’s how I learned to be resilient.

You might feel the same way about your tragedies and heartbreaks in life.  The things we often think will break us wind up building us into who we are today.  

But this quote above popped into my head the other day when I was reading, for probably the thousandth time in my life, THE MOST IMPORTANT VERSE IN ALL OF THE BIBLE.  
Jesus said,  

"Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”  Luke 10:27 (c/r Deuteronomy 6:5)

The hardest part of this passage is not the word LOVE.  We all looooove love, don’t we? 

The hard part is the word ALL.  

And the part of the command that says “ALL YOUR STRENGTH” is especially tricky because the only way to get to know your “all”

is to TEST IT.

One of the COOLEST things I get to do for a living is to help women find how STRONG she is physically and watch how it transforms her internally.   

Not only does it help build her body, but it builds her confidence, her self-efficacy, and yes, if you take this scripture above to heart, even her love for God

But the part that is TRICKY as a health coach and trainer is convincing my clients to do a self-test to find her MAXIMUM STRENGTH.  

There is a name for finding ALL your physical strength through weight training and it’s called your 1 REP MAX TEST.    

For my clients in my (*brand new*) STRONG’her Fitness & Mobility plan, I actually have her do just a 10 REP MAX test (which I’m going to give you below if you want to try it out too) so she knows how much weight she should be using for the various goals of the program.  But even this one has been a hard sell.  

It’s really important:  knowing how STRONG SHE IS helps her reach her goals.  

That MAX TEST number is actually VITAL information to be able guide her in how much weight she should be lifting during the progressive “Periodized” training.

For example, for Period 1 of my STRONG’her  Program the goal is to grow “Muscular Endurance” which is a fancy, fitness word for the ability to complete many repetitions (i.e. 15-20) at a moderate weight for the purpose of building up greater endurance and stamina.   

For this goal, I  recommend that she use a weight that is roughly about 65% of her 1 Rep Max.  

Therefore, knowing what her MAX is allows an accurate weight use for those workouts and she doesn’t go too light (which is unproductive) or too heavy (which is unsafe).  

Muscle building has a different goal;  strength building has a different goal;  power has yet another goal.   My programming takes each client through all these types of trainings to achieve the optimal body health while avoiding overtraining, boredom, and plateaus!  <—Avoiding this stuff is really important to help you stick with your health goals, right?!

So, it’s something I give to all my clients to go and perform as a SELF-TEST.  

But naturally, not many of my clients really want to do it (and of course, I don’t make it mandatory).  

Willfully putting herself in that rather painful experience of MAXING out her muscles, to what’s literally called muscle “FAILURE," is a hard sell as a trainer.  

It got me thinking that this must be why God has to get our attention through the shocking events in life.    If He relied on us being willing to get max tested in our emotions, our relationships and our faith, we would never do it.  

We as humans avoid pain.  Period.  

It’s why I ended-up dating so many guys that were not right for me…I was avoiding the pain of feeling lonely.  

It’s why we can hold on to grudges and resentment… we avoid the pain required for true forgiveness.  

Your health might be less than stellar right now simply because you’re avoiding the pain that comes with cleaning up your eating and exercising.  

But avoiding pain is one of the worst things you can do for yourself if you actually want to achieve your PURPOSE in life and achieve your dreams.  

“You don’t know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.”  

Your ability to tolerate PAIN is directly proportional to knowing how STRONG you really are.  

Knowing how STRONG YOU ARE is vitally important to being able to LOVE GOD with "ALL YOUR STRENGTH."  

Being able to LOVE God with ALL THAT YOU ARE is the #1 way to find purpose, fulfillment and achievement in this life.

It comes at a cost and will require some pain in life.  But that pain will teach you true resiliency and true Love.  

So, with that in mind I decided I wanted to share this 10 REP MAX protocol with you today too because I believe that if you practice being willing to endure some pain PHYSICALLY, it can translate to what you can also handle INTERNALLY

Because I know that when you have to courage to stop avoiding pain and actually TEST YOUR STRENGTH, you are gifted with the ability to actually USE IT.

So check it out below and send me an email back of what you thought of the experience. Was it as bad as you thought it was going to be?  

With Love and Light, 




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