My Top 3 Workout Formats

For My Varying Workout Goals

Now that I’m back into my True Health rhythm and flow through some of my favorite #rituals, I have been 100X better this month for my #STRONG’herAUGUST quest.

Lately, I have been focusing on changing up my workout routine! I’ve been looking online for some new bicep workouts that would help to make my routines nice and fresh. I’ve set some new goals for myself and I’m hoping that my new routines, diet, and supplements will help me reach it as soon as possible. I did research into whether or not I should take a supplement but I ended up buying a pea protein powder so I will let you know how it goes. When it comes to exercise and weight training, I have a few things that I remind all clients.

1. Do whatever exercise you LIKE to do–but give it a TRY to determine that! Weight training is not very fun when you first start out or when you are trying to get back into it after taking a long break. There are varying ways to to build and maintain muscle mass through exercise including yoga, body weigh calisthenics, dumbbells, kettle bells, exercise bands, and olympic style weight training! Keep trying new ones until you find one you like!

Also, give yourself a solid month before you determine what you “like” and “don’t like.” I have heard from various clients that told me it took a couple months to finally get that “endorphin high” feeling after a good training session. Things will build up progressively and as you get more comfortable with a new training style, you’ll feel more encouraged to keep going and improving!

2. You Must Keep Changing It Up: I hate this, but my body (specifically my metabolism) gets really used to doing to same exercises that I’ve done for a long time. It will help maintain my muscle mass just great, but if I am wanting to encourage some FAT LOSS I have to keep my routine and format changing all the time.

Your workout should always include some form of “work” in there in order to push your metabolism to fat loss mode. There are no workouts where you’re just “going through the motions” and coast to Fat Loss! Sorry! There are a few things you can do if you’re looking to build muscle mass, rather than just lose fat. For example, you might buy HGH injections (as long as you can find a reputable place to get it from) to help build energy and muscle. But this might not be your aim so it varies from person to person.

It’s not always fun, but the after affects are well worth it and you’ll start to love the pain! Invest in ways that you can hold yourself accountable to changing up your routine!

SO, with those two thing in mind, I wanted to share just 3 of my Top 10 Workout Formats. For those that sign up to work with me for 1:1 Health Coaching or for my new STRONG’her Squad group health coaching opportunity starting at the end of this month, you will actually get ALL 10 of my favorite training techniques to ensure that you will be able to ALWAYS have a new routine to shake things up and keep Fat Loss from stalling!

But for YOU, you at least get 3 really great Go-To’s with the goals that I use them for.

Top 3 Workout Formats:

Workout Format #1: Timed Workout High Intensity Interval Training (a.k.a. Metabolic Conditioning)

Goal: “Get it in and getter Done!” I do this style A LOT when my schedule is really full and I only have about 30 minutes to workout, including warm up and cool down!

How To Do It:

  • Choose Dumbbells at a Medium-Heavy weight. You should be able to do about 10 perfect bicep curls with them, but not 11 and not 9.
  • Choose 4 Full Body Exercise Movements (or one particular body part if you want to focus your workout that day).
  • Set Your Timer for 20 Mins.
  • Complete 10 reps of each of the 4 exercises in non-stop circuit fashion to complete as many rounds as possible (AMRAP). By “non-stop” I mean that you should actually stop if you get into the higher heart rate zones, but then as soon as you recover well enough, keep going! Keep rest to a minimum but don’t over exert yourself.
  • Goal is complete about 3-4 rounds in 20 minutes. So the moves should be challenging enough but not too easy!

Example (Shown in Video HERE):
Dumbbell “Man Maker” with Push-ups x 10
DB Wide Squat with Curtsy Lunge x 10 each side
DB Standing Arnold Presses x 10
DB Reverse Lunge with Power Up x 10 each side

Repeat AMRAP for 20-Min

Workout Format #2: Giant Set
Goal: To build a muscle group via Hypertrophy

While most women don’t want to “bulk up,” at all, there are some muscle groups that DO look better when they are built up. The main ones I focus on are my glutes and my shoulders (it makes for that perfect “hour glass” effect!).

So for these body parts you want to build the muscle through a periodization series of Hypertrophy (muscle growth), Strength Training, Power Training and then REST.

How To Do It:

  • Find 2-4 Compound, Multi-Joint Exercises that target your muscle group you want to improve.
  • Complete A Giant Set of 6 Round of 10 reps.
  • Rest only 30 seconds in between each set for best results. Will get your heart rate up there, so be sure you are hydrating and monitoring form.

Example (Shown in Video HERE):
Barbell Heavy Back Squats x 10
REPEAT 6 Rounds
30 seconds rest in between

Workout Format #3: Super Set with High Intensity Interval

Goal: Functional strength training with fat burning focus.

Super Sets are a term that is used when you do two exercises back-to-back that work opposing muscle groups.

For example:
Biceps and Triceps
Quadriceps and Hamstrings
Glutes and Abs

To make this workout style even more fat burning and effective, I add on a high intensity move at the end of each Super Set. This just ups my heart rate to get a nice fat burning spike! The best High Intensity moves are going to be a plyometric move or a quick stair run or sprint.

You then rest 2+min before completing your next Super Set.

How To Do It:

  • Choose 2 exercises of opposing muscle groups that will form a “Super Set.” They don’t have to be using the same equipment but will need to be accessible quickly.
  • Complete Exercise #1 with 10-15 reps or failure.
  • With No REST, complete Exercise #2 with 10-15 reps or failure.
  • With No REST complete a timed portion or 10-15 reps of a high intensity burst such as a plyometric or sprint.
  • REST 2-3 mins in between sets.
  • Complete 3-4 Sets
  • Choose 2-3 SuperSets to Perform for your entire workout!

Example (Shown in Video HERE):
Super Set:
Barbell Bicep Curl with Front Overhead Press
w/ Tricep Dips to Failure

HII: 10 Burpees

REPEAT 4 Rounds
2-3 mins rest in between

If you LIKE any of the above workout workout formats, you will REALLY like when I give you my Top 10! They are just one small part of the WEALTH of information I give clients when they sign up to work with me either with the 1:1 Health Coaching or the Group Health Coaching STRONG’her Squad.

Check out more information on when I’m offering spots on both of these rosters to get signed up today!


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