{Part 2} 5 Ways to NOT Be a Christian A-Hole

September 19, 2015Uncategorized No Comments

The other day, I wrote about my epiphany  of one of the  greatest fears that a Christian person might have when talking about their Faith is the feared STIGMA that all Christians are self-righteous, hypocritical A-HOLES.  I believe this fear actually holds so many of us back from speaking our truth and actually impacting people’s lives.  (read here) … Read More

The Two Most Powerful Words…

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I recently came across a beautiful quote that said, “I Am. The two most powerful words.  For what you put after them shapes your reality.” These words, “I Am” are incredibly powerful.  Their meaning has so pervasive into my soul that it has taken on truer depths of meaning as I have thought of them, … Read More