4 Ways God Uses STRESS to BLESS

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It’s the most wonderful time of year and yet can also be a more stressful time of year, right?! Busyness and the hustle-bustle obviously can add more stress to our lives. Enjoying some ontario weed online could help some people strike the right balance so they be productive with stress. To much stress can have … Read More

5 Areas Women Need to Own Their Worth

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  There is something taking place that I find the be the single biggest tragedy facing the majority of women today. Let me paint the picture for you with my personal experience with it…. 2013 would be the most radically transformative year of my life. Somehow, in January of that year while I was single, … Read More

The Top 5 Ways to FAIL at your Health in 2016

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    I know I know, we just hit November and we all want to savor and enjoy the Holidays!  I’m with you, I promise!   But let’s be really honest here, when the holidays hit, we likely WON’T be thinking too much about our health goals, aside from the obligatory, “Ok, I’ll eat just … Read More

The Quit Quitting Plan

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So, we’ve all been there before. You make changes to your exercise and nutrition routines.  Cut back on those extra desserts, fried foods and other things you love.  You feel great off the start, see some results right away and that motivates you to stay the course….for a time.   But then, it comes.  Boredom. … Read More