The Worst Health Advice I’ve Ever Received…Part III

April 1, 2017Fitness & Training, Food & Nutrition, Health Coaching, Spiritual Health No Comments

and Truth I know now… In our final installment of the 3-part series I’m calling, ‘The Worst Health Advice I’ve Ever Received” I’m going to be sharing probably the most ubiquitous bad health advice we’ve BOTH ever received.    While the world has advanced with greater and greater scientific and specific health knowledge, it has … Read More

3 Ways That God Will Answer Your Prayers

January 19, 2017Spiritual Health 2 Comments

In Your Health & Life  There is a lot of misconceptions about being “faith-based” and using words like ‘surrender’ to convey the mission of what we need to do in order to achieve the health of dreams and purpose of this life.     To someone that is new or perhaps skeptical of the Christian … Read More

The Discipline of Shame Resiliency and Other Emotions

December 16, 2016Spiritual Health No Comments

Last week I shared with you openly about some shame memories I had been experiencing after listening a great audio book by Brene Brown called, “Men, Women and Worthiness.”  So many of you responded back to me that you have experienced similar stories of feeling ashamed too, whether from being caught binge eating yourself, or shamed for … Read More

34 Things I’m Replacing on My 34th Birthday

October 14, 2016Spiritual Health No Comments

Let’s Celebrate!  34 Things I’m Replacing On My 34th Birthday! This weekend I’m going to be VERY busy celebrating both my 34th birthday (today) as well as my 2nd wedding anniversary with my love, Howard (on Monday).   And, to make sure you’re getting in on all the celebrations, I want to offer YOU a … Read More

Living Principles of the Spiritually Strong

September 8, 2016Spiritual Health No Comments

3 Principles of the Spiritually Strong Would you classify yourself as a woman that is deeply principled?     A principle is defined as, “A fundamental truth that serves as the foundation for a system or belief.”     To me, rooting yourself to fundamental truths offers you the the greatest ability to live a … Read More