Why Focusing on Anti-Inflammatory Food Wins

September 8, 2017Food & Nutrition No Comments

Focusing On These Foods Get You The Best Results       After taking a hiatus from the mental game of trying to “control my eating” for the last 2 months, I have finally found a very HEALTHY transition to caring about what I’m eating with the BEST intentions.     My husband and I … Read More

The Worst Health Advice I’ve Ever Received…Part III

April 1, 2017Fitness & Training, Food & Nutrition, Health Coaching, Spiritual Health No Comments

and Truth I know now… In our final installment of the 3-part series I’m calling, ‘The Worst Health Advice I’ve Ever Received” I’m going to be sharing probably the most ubiquitous bad health advice we’ve BOTH ever received.    While the world has advanced with greater and greater scientific and specific health knowledge, it has … Read More

5 Nutrient Based Eating Recipes I’m Going Nuts On!

February 28, 2017Food & Nutrition No Comments

Mmmmm…..     You might think that because I am a certified nutritionist and creator of a nutrition program, called Nutrient Based Eating, that I must love cooking and recipe development.  Well, my dear, you would be WRONG. 😜  I have so much respect for the food bloggers out there!  Truly, BLESS YOU!  I have created … Read More

Health Habits of Happiness: Moderation by 80%/20%

February 10, 2017Food & Nutrition No Comments

    I think by now we’ve all gotten wind that diets don’t work.  Study after study has revealed that the grand majority of people gain back MORE than they lost within 5 years.  What’s worse is that they METABOLIC CONSEQUENCES of losing weight and gaining it back means that you’re better off not losing … Read More

Overcoming The Top 10 Nutrient Deficiencies

January 3, 2017Food & Nutrition No Comments

And Still Focus On Fat Loss…    How’s this for a statistic?     “Analysis of the three popular diets (The Atkins Diet, The South Beach Diet, and the DASH Diet) found that an average calorie intake of 27,575 ± 4660.72 kcal would be required to achieve sufficiency in all 27 micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).”  —Journal of Integrative … Read More