#1 Way to Stay Consistent!

June 12, 2015Health Coaching 3 Comments

We have all heard the saying, when it comes to seeing success in a health plan, “Consistency is King.” Is that ever true?!  I’ve seen friends and clients lose weight on a wide variety of approaches:  High carb and low carb diets; High fat and low fat;  High cardio and no cardio;  Heavy weight training and … Read More

10-Day #SpiritualDETOX

May 27, 2015Food & Nutrition, Health Coaching No Comments

Do you ever wake up in your life and just feel OFF kilter? Your body feels off, which makes your mind feel off? And when both those are off you can bet your behind that your Spirit is affected too! Well, continuing on what I call my #blessedlifetour2015, I have just returned from a 13-day … Read More