The Worst Health Advice I’ve Ever Received…Part III

April 1, 2017Fitness & Training, Food & Nutrition, Health Coaching, Spiritual Health No Comments

and Truth I know now… In our final installment of the 3-part series I’m calling, ‘The Worst Health Advice I’ve Ever Received” I’m going to be sharing probably the most ubiquitous bad health advice we’ve BOTH ever received.    While the world has advanced with greater and greater scientific and specific health knowledge, it has … Read More

“You’re not bad at it, you just haven’t learned it yet.”

November 6, 2015Health Coaching, Spiritual Health, Uncategorized No Comments

What are the stories you have been telling yourself about your health and body these days? Are you telling yourself you’re not capable of being in-shape?  Are you telling yourself you are never going to overcome your serious sweet tooth and overeating tendencies?  Are you miserable while eating your healthy food selections and watching the … Read More

The Quit Quitting Plan

October 29, 2015Goal Development, Health Coaching, Uncategorized No Comments

So, we’ve all been there before. You make changes to your exercise and nutrition routines.  Cut back on those extra desserts, fried foods and other things you love.  You feel great off the start, see some results right away and that motivates you to stay the course….for a time.   But then, it comes.  Boredom. … Read More