[Part 3] Wine Not?!  Thinking and Drinking…

[Part 3] Wine Not?! Thinking and Drinking…

March 19, 2015Uncategorized No Comments

Over the last couple of days, I’ve introduced a major change I’ve made in my health and lifestyle as I’ve decided to “break-up” with my close friend, WINE. Yesterday, I went over the way that I was first prompted to consider this health change because I was experiencing some pretty uncomfortable BODY reactions to this … Read More

The Art of SURREND’her & Your Health

March 6, 2015Spiritual Health No Comments

“I am just so frustrated because I am doing everything right, but I’m not really seeing any changes to my body.” This is a common quote from any one of my health coaching clients, or frankly, from my own mind from time to time.   I usually hear this type of remark about 2 weeks … Read More