Looking in the Mirror Naked

Looking in the Mirror Naked

April 15, 2015Health Coaching, Spiritual Health No Comments

My role as a health coach is incredibly rewarding.  I get to connect with a group of intelligent, brave, incredible women who are willing to open themselves up to me (often times someone they’ve never met) with their hopes, dreams and insecurities about their bodies and their health. While I’ve had to get over my … Read More

Breaking-Up is Powerful To Do

April 9, 2015Uncategorized No Comments

The other day I gave a little snippet of how my husband and I met. It was some good ol’ self-deprecating humor about how my husband was actually attracted to the very assets (no pun intended) that I had perceived as my worst flaws (i.e. my big ol’ booty). I told the story about how … Read More